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Jan 10, 2019

MTT024| Virtual Reality, Get Fully Immersed - Steven Sato

Today we have a very in-depth interview with an educator that totally immerses us in the Virtual Reality world.  Steven Sato is the Technology Director for a K8 Independent School in the Los Angeles area. We explore the different types of “Reality” available today (like A/R and V/R), we look at costs, and implementing VR into your curriculum. Steven also gives us some great examples of a variety of virtual experiences available to your students today!

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Steven Sato is currently the Technology Director for a K8 Independent School in Los Angeles.  He has been an educator for 19 years and, as a life-long learner, he dedicates his time to the advancement of K12 education through the appropriate use of technology. He is a Google Certified Innovator, co-organizer of the LA Immersive Edtech Meetup Group, and co-host of The VR Podcast. He focuses on the integration and research of immersive technologies such as virtual and augmented reality and believes these technologies will revolutionize how we meet the goal of transferring knowledge to students but also help address equity in our school systems.

Steven also focuses on creating and maintaining strategic partnerships between K12 Education and the Immersive Industry by curating, coordinating, and hosting the AR/VR Playground at CUE Spring 2018 & responsible for 2019; co-hosting the LA Immersive Edtech Meetup Group; co-hosting The VR Podcast; and helping produce ImmersED. These are all conferences that are focused on AR and VR in Education.

Steven shares, “Virtual Reality provides access to the impossible, rare, expensive, dangerous, counterproductive. A recent Stanford test looked at schools with access to extra curricular activities such as field trips and schools that did not have access to these and found that schools without those stimuli tested far worse than those that had access.”

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Items mentioned in Episode 24:

Stanford’s V/R “Becoming Homeless”

Vader Immortal


Embodied Labs

Tree V/R Official

Ready Player One

The Last Goodbye


Kevin Mack

Samsung Gear 360

Garmin Verv

Azine Davoudzadeh - @azined

Mark Suter - @Garlicsuter

Chad Lewis - @VRczAR

Sharecare YOU

Life 3.0 - by Max Tegmark

Experience On Demand - by Jeremy Bailenson


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