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May 15, 2020

MTT043 Bonus| Seesaw with Distance Learning - Megan Madden

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In Episode 43 - Seesaw in the Classroom, Megan Madden shared with us how she has been using Seesaw in her classroom with great success.  Just a short time later, the whole world was shutting down due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Everything escalated very quickly, and teachers, districts and students found themselves having to transition to Distance Learning almost overnight.  In this Bonus episode, Megan shares with us the obstacles she faced in the transition, and how she returned to one of her favorite tech tools in her toolbelt, Seesaw, to help her with her students.  Find out why this was the perfect fit once again.  If you haven’t listened to Episode 43 yet, make sure you listen to that one as well to hear how she used Seesaw in her classroom.  

Megan Madden is a Bay Area native and enjoys learning, community, and creating new ways to engage and excite my students. She attended Saint Mary’s College of California and earned my B.A in English Literature and minored in Theatre Arts. She continued at Saint Mary’s and went on to earn my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. Megan began her teaching career at a Montessori Elementary School in Pleasanton, CA where she learned the art of hands-on exploration and differentiation. She then transitioned into the traditional classroom and continued to teach at a Catholic School in the Oakland Diocese. Megan’s desire to continue offering my students a tailored learning experience and an environment prepared for learning and exploring and began incorporating technology in order to balance the needs of her students within the constraints of the traditional classroom. She enjoyed watching her students thrive in this blended learning environment and was inspired to go back to school to earn her Masters in 21st Century Learning and Technology from Brandman University. Megan has a passion for integrating technology into her pedagogy and hopes to inspire others to explore new ways to teach and make an impact on students everywhere.


Contact: Megan Madden

Twitter: @MyAppyClassroom


Megan Madden’s Seesaw Slidedeck (with QR code for a free Premium month): MM Seesaw Slidedeck

Instagram:  MyAppyClassroom


Items mentioned in Episode 43 Bonus:

Seesaw website

Seesaw Twitter

The First Days of School by Harry and Rosemary Wong


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