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Jun 13, 2019

MTT035| Assistive Technology Part 2, Learning on the Go - Luis Perez

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Luis Perez joins us again to talk about the tools you can add to your tech toolbelt for Universal Design for Learning (UDL).  While UDL is the framework, the technology is the tools to implement and practice using UDL in the classroom.

Luis Pérez is a technical assistance specialist for the National Center on Accessible Educational Materials. In this role, he promotes the creation, delivery and use of high quality accessible educational materials and technologies to support equitable learning opportunities for all students. He holds a doctorate in special education and a master’s degree in instructional technology from the University of South Florida. He was selected as an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) in 2009, and as a Google in Education Certified Educator in 2014, and he is the current President of the Inclusive Learning Network of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), which named him its 2016 Outstanding Inclusive Educator. Luis has published three books on accessibility, mobile learning and UDL: Mobile Learning for All (Corwin Press), Dive into UDL (ISTE) and Learning on the Go (CAST Publishing). His work has also appeared in publications such Teaching Exceptional Children, Closing the Gap Solutions, THE Journal, and The Loop Magazine.  In addition to his work in educational technology, Luis is an avid photographer whose work has been featured on Better Photography magazine, Business Insider, the New York Times Bits Blog and the Sydney Morning Herald.


“We need to provide options for how we engage learners, how we present information to them, and then how we allow them to respond and show their understanding.”, Luis Perez.


Contact: Luis Perez

Luis Perez’s Website

Twitter: @eyeonaxs

Instagram: Luis Perez Instagram



Items mentioned in Episode 35:

Three principles of UDL

Multiple Means of Engagement

Multiple Means of Representation

Multiple Means of Action and Expression

National Center on Accessible Educational Materials

Twitter: AEM_Center

ABLE Framework

Access to Content and Tools

Built in support for Variability

Leveraging Multimedia

Expression and Creativity

Luis Perez’s TED Talk for ISTE


Due App

Read and Write for Google Chrome



Voice Dream Reader


Adobe Spark


Explain Everything


Book Creator



ATIA Conference


Dive Into UDL

Learning On The Go by Luis Perez


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