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Nov 8, 2018

MTT020|Kahoot! - Game Based Learning - Peter Paccone

Kahoot! Is a game-based learning platform, that is free for teachers!

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Kahoot! website

Create a fun learning game in minutes – called ‘kahoots’. The format and number of questions are entirely up to you. Add videos, images and diagrams to your questions to amplify engagement.

Ways to play Kahoot!


Peter Paccone has earned many accomplishments during his 30 years of teaching.  Some of those include: California Social Studies Teacher of the Year Award; Henry Ford Innovator Award, PBS Digital Innovator Award; Southern California Innovative Social Studies Teacher of the Year Award, Los Angeles Mock Trial Teacher of the Year Award; ISTE Video Conferencing Teacher of the Year Award. Peter has also been recognized by the Flipped Learning Global Initiative as one of the top 100 Educators Leading Flipped Learning.

Peter is also the KQED In the Classroom publications manager and a member of several teacher advisory committees (iCivics, Global Flipped Learning, PBS, Better Together California Teacher Summit, etc.). He writes frequently for several education-related online publications (ITC, Edutopia, PBS’s Teacher Lounge, etc.) and he has given a TED-Talk style presentation at the 2015 and 2016 California Teachers Summit and at the 2016 Arcadia Innovative Teacher Summit. In addition, he has produced two TED-Ed Lessons.

Peter Paccone’s article

KQED In The Classroom


PBS Teachers Lounge


Contact: Peter Paconne

Twitter:  @PeterPaccone


Books mentioned in Episode 20:

Flip Your Classroom : by John Bergman

Flipped Learning : by Jon Bergmann



David Vannasdall - Arcadia Unified Superintendent - @davidvannasdall

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