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The My Tech Toolbelt Podcast, hosted by Shannon Tabaldo and Brenda Argano, is an Ed Tech podcast where we highlight teachers using education technology in Innovating, Engaging and Inspiring ways.
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Apr 26, 2018

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Flipgrid is a video response app that gives all students a voice. It allows even the shy students the chance to response and not have to stand in front of the class to give a report or tell what they know about a topic.

Find Flipgrid here:

Our Guest:  Laura McComb

Contact Laura on Twitter: @lbmccomb

Laura McComb loves teaching 3rd grade math, science, and social studies! She have been teaching 3rd grade for 12 1/2 years at Lynn Fanning Elementary School in Meridianville, AL. Laura received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of North Alabama in Management Information Systems, then received her Masters degree in Elementary Education from Alabama A&M University. Laura have been the Technology Integration Mentor for 6 years. She LOVES using technology with her students to see their creativity and to give them all a voice!

"My students use Flipgrid to show their understanding of math topics by showing how they work problems or that they understand a math concept.  My students have shared their thoughts on various topics or questions that I have assigned them.  During our recent snow days, students sent in responses on how they were spending their snow days."

If you are interested in the Pop-Up Pod privacy tent that we spoke about in this episode, you can find it here (Pop-Up Pod).

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