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The My Tech Toolbelt Podcast, hosted by Shannon Tabaldo and Brenda Argano, is an Ed Tech podcast where we highlight teachers using education technology in Innovating, Engaging and Inspiring ways.
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Apr 12, 2018

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Jon Corippo  #BigName (our hashtag name for him)

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Jon’s new book!

The EduProtocol Field Guide

Jon Corippo was recently named the Executive Director for CUE, leading CUE throughout California and Nevada. Jon keynotes, leads and designs Professional Learning experiences all over the country. Jon's core PL skills are focused on 1:1 deployment, Common Core, Project Based Learning, social media skills and Lesson Design. Jon is the creator of the CUE Rock Star Camp Series, The CUE Rock Star Admin Camp Series and planner for the CUE Super Symposium and JET Review Program.

Under Jon's Leadership, and with his CUE Professional Learning Team, CUE PL has trained over 32,000 teachers in 2015-2017.

In 2016, the National School Board Association’s list of Education Technology Leaders listed Jon Corippo on their “20 To Watch”.


We were able to meet-up with Jon after the CUE 18 Spring Conference.  We found him so personable and fun. By the end of the interview, we were both blown away by his innovative ideas and his fresh take on the status quo.

How do I upscale me?

Other books Jon mentions:

The End of Average

Good to Great

The Tipping Point

Think Like a Freak


We are looking forward to attending ISTE in June 2018!  Will you be there? Will you come and talk to us? Let us know! We would LOVE to have a meet-up in Chicago!

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